RSR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is a co-educational day- boarding school. Recognized by Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. Under the process of Affiliation & Accreditation by Central Board of Secondary Education-SQAA

Early Childhood Program:

Kinder Garten at RSR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is a preschool educational approach based on playing, singing, practical activities such as drawing, and social interaction as part of the transition from home to school.

Language System:

RSR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL follows three language system from Class I – VIII. We offer special Languages French/Sanskrit/German from Class VI to meet out global requirements in the future. All the languages (English, Telugu, Hindi, French, German and Sanskrit) are given importance through the four skills LSRW (Listening, Speaking, and Reading & Writing).

The first language is English, The second language is Telugu/Hindi. The third language is Hindi/Telugu and the special language is French / Sanskrit / German. The language chosen as second language in the beginning of the year cannot be changed in between.


RSR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL follows CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) syllabus, as prescribed by NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training).The pupil will be introduced to a method of learning that will take place primarily through experience rather than rote learning. Wherever possible children will have opportunities to actually experience and 'apply' information and knowledge. We believe that for children to learn effectively, the context of the curriculum, as well as its delivery is of paramount importance.

Our curriculum calls attention to "hands on" learning experience, which will result in the natural integrated development of knowledge skills and thinking. The primary focus is on the process that pupil will undergo in experiencing an activity. Special emphasis is laid on creating an environment for self-learning. The content shall envisage new approaches and will heighten literacy, numeracy and language, while at the same time respond to the needs of science and technology, social, personal and health education. Moral values are imbibed in the children as the school stands to cultivate values following its motto of "Empowering Education"


  • CBSE Curriculum lined with NCF 2015
  • Certified Standards- SQAA CBSE - or loosing Affiiation.

School Quality Assessment and Accreditation

  • Scholastic processes and outcome 25% (Curriculum Planning, Teaching and Learning processes, Student Assessment and Performance.)
  • Co-Scholastic Processes and Outcome 15% (Life Skills)
  • Infrastructure - Adequacy, Functionality and Asthetics 15% (Classrooms, Library, Laboratory, Computer Labs and ICT Facilities, Playground, Hobby rooms, Safety and Disaster management provisions)
  • Human Resources 10% (School Staff, Parents, Alumini, Students)
  • Management and Administration Satisfaction 10% (Institutional planning mechanisms, Process of Acreditation and certification, Goal setting and Policy making, Effective Coordination within the school, Resource managemnt, Relationship amongst stakeholders, Activity management mechanism, Data and record maintenance, Financial Administration. )
  • Leadership 15% (Vision and Mission, Strategic Plans for school Improvement, Quality checks, Innovative practices)
  • Beneficiary Satisfaction of Stackeholders 10% (Students, Teachers, Parents, Administration, Management, Alumini and Commumnity)

Early Times Education

  • Learning Together-Gurukulum
  • Family as a Learning Organization
  • Inclusive Learning
  • Limited Opportunities
  • Minimal Resources
  • Less Competition, less stress, More competencies
  • Learning through Hands on Experience
  • Multi Tasking Skills are acquired
  • Children are equally empowered with the basics that suits for All professions.

Gap Analysis

  • Right Education for making Creators instead of Life long learners.
  • Select right stream of Curriculum.
  • CBSE is the best curriculum ,which blends the benefits of early education with technology
  • Right School to implement the curriculum.

Present Educational System

  • Student is a Participant-Schooling
  • Teacher needs to play multiple roles.
  • Learning under boundaries.
  • Abundant opportunities
  • Technology intervention
  • Tough Competition, More Stress, Less Competencies
  • Learning only inside closed rooms.
  • No Tasks at all
  • Children are empowered with skills suitable for Doctors and Engineers

Who Bridges the gap between Knowledge and Skill?

  • Life Skills
  • are competencies that help people function well in their environments.
  • They are learned in sequential steps related to a person’s age and developmental stage.
  • They are acquired through “learn-by-doing” activities

Dynamics of a Perfect School

SQAA‘s Accreditation Demands

Blocks of the Ascending Learning Curve at RSR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

  • Curriculum
  • Assessments
  • Teacher Development

We Assess the students

  • Continuously
  • Consistently
  • Consciously

We Authenticate the Assessments

  • By dwelling on students work
  • Collaborate with Teachers work like Reflections,Insights for future
  • Teachers lesson plans must have course corrections column based evidences(anecdotall,captured corrections etc.)

Enabling the teaching –Learning methods by

  • Revising teaching –assessing professional developments.
  • Opportunities for student expression in curricular changes.
  • Observation-Inference Documentation.
  • Revisiting the seating plan to create new look
  • Students collaboration in different setups.
  • Assessing while teaching
  • Skill-o thons,Walk-o-thons,Cyclo-o-thons
  • Webinars,Seminars,Dosters

Life Skills

Life skills are integral part of RSR’s Curriculum. Basic Life Skills taught during schooling are

  • Self management skills
  • Sense of self esteem
  • Emotional skill
  • Communication skill-Verbal-7%+Vocal Impact-37%+Non Verbal/Body Language-57%
  • Leadership Skill
  • Problem solving skill
  • Personality-EQ(Emotional Quotient)+SQ(Skill Quotient)+IQ (Intelligent Quotient)
  • Thinking skill
  • Professional skill

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