RSR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi and hence follows the National Curriculum Framework defined by NCERT at Middle and secondary level. The Salient features of our program are

Focus on Fundamentals:

Strengthened through revision of the key concepts taught in the previous class and working on the developmental areas identified for improvement during the term.

Extended Guidance:

Additional Sessions are conducted for teaching the students basic skills and qualities required for success in the exams and for personality development.

Self inquiry:

All the students of RSR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL are guided to complete the given assignments on their own at home. Class room teaching- Learning Continues after school hours also. This allows the child to develop application skills on the learnt concepts. Conceptual understanding enhances the confidence of the individual, there by participation increases, finally results in success.

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation:

which ensures that learning is a continuous process and focus is on Multiple Intelligences development through varied methods like Visual Aids (ICT enabled classrooms), Computer Aided and Practical Learning.

Foundation Program to Succeed the Competitive Exams of all kinds:

Every Student is empowered through the Success packed Competitive modules with Basic Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Life sciences, Reasoning, Logical and analytical abilities. This Program ensures the participation and success of the students in all National and International Level Competitive Examinations. Chapter wise and Term wise tests are planned to ensure the learning.

News Paper in Education:

Student Edition “The Hindu in School” plays a major role in updating the current affairs across the world. All the six working days of the week, student Editions are issued to children from Class 4 to 8 and are guided to read. Assessments take place periodically on these Editions.

Career Guidance:

The ultimate aim of RSR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Curriculum is to ensure that each pupil is able to enter a career of his/ her choice at the end of the schooling years. The school facilitates career counseling workshops and scientific assessment of the capabilities to help the pupil decide on a career..

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