Co-Scholastic Activities

Development activities like music, dance, yoga & pranayam, games, sports and various competitions from a part of CSA. The hobbies center provides engaging activities like pottery, painting, gardening, electronics, first-aid, woodcraft etc. In which children collectively learn and develop their individual interest.

Music, Dance & Theatre

Provision has been made for music room and dance room for training students in vocal/instrumental music, Indian classical, folk, western dance and theatre also included.

House System

The students are divided into four houses that focus on most of the activities served to promote a spirit of friendly and healthy competition in sporting, literary and cultural activities, they also help to promote a feeling of belongingness amongst the members of the school to from different backgrounds.


Ramireddy Subbarami Reddy International School (RSRIS) prime importance is given to health. The school and infirmary is manned by qualified medical & nursing staff, incase of emergency a well equipped ambulance is available for immediate evacuation to a city base hospital.


The school campus safe and secure for the students, with proper boundary walls which shall be reinforce by electrified wire fencing and CCTV cameras to monitor all entrances, exists and activities in the campus without interfering with the privacy of students. In addition well armed and trained security guards, short range communication system, fire alarms, fire fighting systems and adequate security in lighting around the campus shall provide impregnable security.


The transport of students is quick and convenient view to an fleet of buses with a well planned route. The school buses also have GPS based school bus tracing and control system for safety of its students and information to parents.

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